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Technical Article
Application of Temperature Recorder in Agriculture
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    Temperature recorder is used in many industries, today we are going to talk about its application in agriculture.

    Temperature recorder is one of the types of temperature measuring instruments. We call them kerosene thermometer, alcohol thermometer, mercury thermometer, gas thermometer, resistance thermometer, thermocouple thermometer, radiation thermometer and light thermometer, bimetallic thermometer,according to the different temperature measurement and temperature range.

    As one of the temperature measuring instruments , temperature recorder must have the following basic functions:

Measurements: built-in temperature sensor or can be connected to an external temperature sensor to measure the temperature;

Record Storage: Recording and storing measured temperature values automatically ;

Data transfer: save measurement data by  (such as RS232, RS485, USB interface, etc.) and send or download to the computer;

Programming: such as setting the sampling rate, data transfer mode and interval, select the temperature sensor type, alarm settings;

    Analysis:analyzing the data of temperature by build-in software.

    Application in Agriculture:

    In artificial climate or plastic greenhouse environment,value of temperature and humidity directly affect the growth of crops, especially seedling crops.Using electronic temperature and humidity recorder, will automatically record the temperature and humidity values, and put the data of recorded value out in the form of graphic by PC intelligent analysis software,to facilitate the analysis and management of the administrator.And it comes with alarm function, when the temperature and humidity exceeds the set level limit, the alarm automatically respond, promptly remind the staff to adjust the greenhouse or nursery room’s temperature and humidity.The use of temperature and humidity recorder will simplify the work of recording the temperature and humidity records, will also save the cost of cultural relics custody, so that this work can be scientific, not too much human interference.

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