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Supmea boosts Shanghai's urban construction
Supmea professional solutions 100,000 customers measure Scheme | [online]
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[Article REVIEW] Supmea sewage treatment solutions boosts Shanghai's urban construction

    Recently, Supmea sewage treatment solutions successfully applied to Shanghai urban construction and development of waste disposal projects. Through the electromagnetic flowmeter and water quality monitoring equipment installed in sewer pipes, the project can accurately measure the flow of waste water and the water quality, and realize the real-time accumulation and remote transmission of sewage data.

                electromagnetic flowmeter and pH controller.jpg

    The cooperation with Shanghai Urban Development and Investment Corporation is a trust in the market for Supmea brand product quality and service. In the past year, the company's automation solutions served a number of municipal wastewater treatment projects across the country, making its own contribution to urban construction and environmental protection projects.

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