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SPE-PR200 paperless recorder up to 4 channels unviersal input
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Applications: The paperless recorder can input signal for all the various needed monitoring records in the industrial site, such as the temperature signal of thermal resistance, and thermocouple, flow signal of the flow meter, pressure signal of the pressure transmitter, etc. Through the data processing of high-performance microprocessor, on the one hand, it can display various forms of screens in high resolution liquid crystal display screen , and on the other hand, it can store the monitoring signal data in large-capacity memory chips inside the instrument in order to query, read and print data and graphics directly

Number of Inputs1~4channels
Input:0-10 mA, 4-20 Ma,0-5 V, 1-5 V, 0-20 mV. 0-100 mV, 
Input impendance:Standard current signal input 250 ohm,other signal input>20M ohm
Power supply:AC voltage 176-240VAC
Alarm output:250VAC,3A relay
Communication:Interface:RS-485 or RS-232
Sampling period:1s
Display:3 inch LCD screen
Size:boundary dimension 160mm*80mm
perfprate dimension 156mm*76mm
Powe fail safeguard:Data is saved in the Flash storage needn't the backup battery. Every data will not be missed in case of poweroff.
RTC:Using hardware real time clock and with Lithium battery when the power off, maximum error 1min/month
Watchdog:Integrated Watchdog chip to assure the system stable
Isolation:channel and GND isolation voltage>500VAC; 
Channel and channer isolation voltage>250VAC

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