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SPE-PR900 paperless recorder up to 18 channels unviersal input
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Applications: SPE-PR900 paperless recorder is with outstanding specifications features like high performance and powerful extented functions. With high visibility Color LCD display, it is easy to read data from the meter. Universal input, high speed of sampling speed and arruracy make it reliable for industry or reaserach applicaiton


Basic Functions

• Up to 18 channels of universal input

• UP to 4 Alarm Output Relays

• With 150mA Power distribution Output

• Communication type: RS485, Modbus RTU

• With a USB data transfer interface


Display & Operation

• Multiple display Function choose the display your way

• Use date and time calendar search functions

 to Review historical data .
• 3.5 inch TFT color LCD (320 x 240pixels)


Reliability and Security

• Dust- and splash-proof front panel

• Power Fail Safeguard:All the data stored in Flash memory,

 make sure that all the historical data and configuration parameters

 will not lost when power fail. Real time clock power supply by lithium batteries.

Number of Inputs 1~18channels
Sampling period 1s,2s,3s.....1h
Sampling speed 1s
Power supply 176 to 264 VAC

Rated power supply


47-63 Hz (automatic switching)
Power consumption20 VA (max., for 264 VAC power supply)
Ambient temperature0 to 50 °C
Ambient humidity10% to 85% 


accuracy (%FS)

Display resolution
DCV1-5 V±0.11mv

InputRange (℃) Measurement Display resolution
(Thermocouple type) accuracy (℃)
        B600 ~ 1800±2.40.1°C
        E-200 ~ 1000±2.40.1°C
        J-200 ~ 1200±2.40.1°C
        K-200 ~ -100±3.30.1°C
-100 ~ 1300±2.00.1°C
        S-50 ~ 100±3.70.1°C
100 ~ 300±2.00.1°C
300 ~ 1600±1.50.1°C
        T-200 ~ -100±1.90.1°C
-100 ~ 380±1.60.1°C
        R-50 ~ 100±3.70.1°C
100 ~ 300±2.00.1°C
300 ~ 1600±1.50.1°C
       N-200 ~ 1300±3.00.1°C
Input  Range(℃)


accuracy (℃)

Display resolution
      Cu50-50 ~ 140±1.00.1°C
      Pt100-200 ~ 800±1.00.1°C

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