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SPE-7000 series SIgnal isolator
  • SPE-7000 series SIgnal isolator
  • SPE-7000 series SIgnal isolator
  • SPE-7000 series SIgnal isolator
SPE-7000 series SIgnal isolator
Category: Signal isolator
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Applications: SPE-7000 Signal isolator utilized in automated control systems is a kind of instrument for transformation & distribution, isolation, transmission, operation of a variety of industrial signal, it can also be used with all kinds of industrial sensor to retrieve parameters of signals, isolation, transformation and transmission for remote monitoring local data collection.

Number of channels:


Supply voltage:

20~30V DC



0/4~20mA    Available voltage:19V       Maximum current: 35mA



0/4~20mA    Maximum current: 35mA   Load resistance 550Ω


0/1~5V      Load resistance 330k

Output circuit loop:

Ue=12~30V DC   Load resistance (Ue5) /0.02

Note: Users can specify current or voltage or circuit loop output when ordering.

Transfer accuracy:


Temperature drift: 


Response time: 

Reach 90%of final value in 0.5ms

Power supply protection:

Protect the barrier form reverse supply voltage destroy

Electromagnetic compatibility:

According to GB/T18268(IEC61326-1)

Dielectric strength: 

1500V AC;1minute(between any two of power supply,input and output)

Insulation resistance:

100M ;500V DC(between any two of power supply,input,output and earth)


Approx 45g 

Suitable apparatus:

2-wire transmitter,3-wire transmitter,current source

Operation Conditions

( 1) The air should not contain any medium corrupting the coat of chrome

nickel and silver. Moreover, violent quiver and impact or any cause of

electromagnetic induction (such as big current or spark, etc.) must be

avoided when using.

( 2) Operating temperature: -20 ℃~+ 60

( 3) Storage temperature: - 40℃~+ 80

(4 )Relative humidity : 10%~ 90%

Outline dimensions



Application 1


Note:Application output is 0/ 1 4~20mA or 0/1~5V


Application 2


Note:Application is output circuit loop

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