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SPE-PID200 PID with easy fuzzy logic technology
Category: PID controller
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Applications: MIK-1300 series PID regulator ,with easy fuzzy logic technology, adopting simple modular structure for easy operation with high performance, applicable to plastic, food, and packaging ,heating, cooling machinery etc.


       * 1 channel input, dual-screen LED display
       * Multiple signal intputs available,up to 30 signal types with measurement precision around 0.3%
       * RTD/Thermocouple signal resolution  1℃ or 0.1℃
       * Relay out function , LED light indication
       * Self-tuning for PID parameters, switch mode for manual/automatic output

       * Several output control modes are selectable
       * RS485 communication is optional , with standard MODBUS RTUcommunication protocol
       * DC24V  power distribution output is available
       * Photoelectric isolation technology  between input, output, power and communication
       * Multiple sizes and styles are optional
       * Password locked for different parameters setting 

       * Permanent storation for parameters setting even power-off

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