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SUP-LWQ Gas Turbine flowmeter
  • SUP-LWQ Gas Turbine flowmeter
  • SUP-LWQ Gas Turbine flowmeter
  • SUP-LWQ Gas Turbine flowmeter
SUP-LWQ Gas Turbine flowmeter
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Applications: SUP-LWQ Gas turbine flowmeter is a new speed flow meter, dedicated to the detection of gas flow, with high precision, repeatability Oh, the advantages of simple structure

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SUP-LWQ Gas Turbine flowmeter is a kind of speed instrument, which has the advantages of high accuracy, good repeatability, simple structure, small pressure loss and convenient maintenance. It is used to measure the volume flow of low viscosity liquid in closed pipe. In the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, water supply, paper and other industries with a wide range of applications.

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Measure medium:
Gas(Free of inflammable and explosive gases such as oxygen and natural gas)
Nominal diameter:
DN25 -- DN300mm
Measurement accuracy:
1.5 (preferred)   1.0
Medium viscosity:
less than 5 × 10-6m2 / s (for the liquid with >5 × 10-6m2 / s , the flowmeter needs to be calibrated before using)
Nominal pressure:
1.0Mpa; 1.6Mpa; 2.5Mpa; 4.0Mpa; 6.3Mpa
Medium temperature:
-20 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ (stainless steel measuring tube)
Environmental conditions:
Ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃; Relative humidity: 5% to 95%; Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa;
Power supply: 
3.6V lithium battery; 12VDC; 24VDC;
Output signal: 
three-wire pulse output, two-wire 4-20mA output
Ingress protection : 
IP65 (IP67, IP68 );

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