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SPE-LDG-B Electromagnetic flowmeter with Battery Power
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Applications: SPE-LDG-B battery powered electromagnetic converter is equipped with a lithium battery as its standard configuration, which can work consecutively three to six years. If a high-capacity battery is equipped, the continuous working time will be much longer.

SPE-LDG-B Electromagnetic flowmeter with Battery Power


■ Ambient temperature-20℃―50

■ Ambient humidity95

■ Level of protection for case: IP68

■ Measuring range of flow rate:0 --- 15m/s

■ Medium conductivity: clean water > 20 μs/cm

■ Range of nominal diameters measurableDN3DN800

■ Accuracy grade of sensors: Grade 0.5, grade 0.2

■ Measurable parameters: instantaneous flow rate, instantaneous flow velocity

■ Recordable parameters: accumulative total of flow, record of 32 events

Test alarm parameters: Fluid empty-tube test alarm        

                                      Exciting current test alarm

                            Battery capacity test alarm

 Calibrated output signal: Flow and impulse per unit volume

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