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Supmea supply chain Co., Ltd. has been officially founded on the Arbor Day
2020-03-12 12:28:20 share:
Supmea supply chain Co., Ltd. has been officially founded on the Arbor Day

In the beautiful wind of the Spring, new life begins to grow, it is a perfect time to plant the seeds and trees.

Supmea supply chain Co., Ltd.  has been officially founded!

Just like the  root grows deep into ground and be luxuriant in future.

Supmea supply chain Co., Ltd. has been officially founded on

On the March 12th, 2020, Supmea Supply Chain Co., Ltd. has been officially founded, including  Supmea E-Commerce Co., Ltd. and Supmea International trading Co., Ltd.. It is one of  another wholly-owned subsidiary company by Supmea.

Supmea factory

"Supmea supply chain will mainly focus on the process automation instruments like temperature, pressure, flow, level, analytic etc, and it will keep innovating in the field of product development, smart manufacturing, smart logistics. We will continue to put our great efforts in order to fulfil our mission 'Globalize Chinese Instruments'", said the general manager of Supmea supply chain Mr. Guangxing Fan.      

Until now, we have hundreds of government authorized patents, and won the  Product Innovation Award in the World Sensors Technology Summit Forum 2019.


By combining the automation equipment with ERP system, building an intelligent factory, developing and making all kinds of automation equipment as well as automatic calibration systems, Supmea will significantly improve the manufacturing efficiency and meanwhile guarantee the best quality of its' products.

supmea factory

Supmea supply chain has a strict quality control system, testing all products in multiple aspects and putting them into different Laboratory like electrical/ Ambient laboratory, to serve better for our  global customer.

supmea product test

In order to develop a digital supply chain system, Supmea builds an automatic warehouse managing system, using digital code managing system along with the intelligent tracking board, every  order process is fully under control.

supmea factory

To improve the experience and get close to the customer, Supmea supply chain will only have  warehouse in headquarter, but also build more warehouses in the major cities in China and some other countries like Malaysia.

Looking into the future, which winds and waves gonna eventually flow,

Step by step on the solid ground, achieving marvellous future together.

Hoping in the way, Supmea will  stay close to you.

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