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Ten Measurements for working in office to prevent COVID-19
2020-02-25 18:50:00 share:
Ten Measurements for working in office to prevent COVID-19

With many companies backing to office and start working step by step, to prevent COVID-19 in office and factory is going to be a new concern . On the 24.Feb,2020, Supmea is officially resumed working and manufacturing. To ensure the safety of the employees, Supmea will take measures to work and prevent COVID-19 in the meantime.


·Build an isolated and less- contacting working zone

It is the priority to build a safe working environment. Supmea concerns from the realistic safety needs, setting a protection perimeter, remind all the staffs to do the proper precaution


·The guidance to prevent COVID-19, Training and Testing

Supmea made a COVID-19 employee precaution manual, and organized all the employee to study as well as an online testing.


·Daily sanitizing in office and factory, working safely

Supmea has prepared enough masks, disinfectant and medical alcohol, sanitize the working area and ventilation regularly, to make sure that the working environment is safe.


·Body temperature measurement

The employees will be checked the body temperature twice a day and the temperature will be resisted.


·Wear masks

During working all the employee must wear the masks to avoid the risk of the cluster infection.    


·Safety assurance

Employee’s safety is the most important thing in the current situation. During this specific time, it is more than important to keep healthy.


1.All the costs back to the company from hometown will be covered by Supmea.

2.To make sure that all stay safe during having meals, Supmea orders breakfast, lunch and dinner for all, and they will be sitting far away from each other, give the virus no single chance.

3.Supmea provides Vitamin C for all staff every day to strengthen the immune system

4.Under the situation of the shortage of medical supplies, Supmea sent enough masks to employees and their family.


·Working online

To improve the efficiency of the working, Supmea upgrades the software as well as the hardware, and make good use of the cloud applications


1.Online meeting, flexible communication

To avoid the crowed people during meeting and working, Supmea use a bunch of cloud apps to do their daily work

2.Flexible working time

Supmea has five main quarantine area, the working seats are away from each other, and change the off-work time to the 16:30, with multiple shifts to avoid cross-infection

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