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Happy Women's Day! Voice of Supmea
2020-03-08 18:19:12 share:

Happy Women's Day!  Voice of Supmea -First Online Singing Competition

More than 50 powerful singers participated in the wonderful competition,

Four  hours impressive time for  the happiness and laughter,

Supmea celebrated this special moment and blessing for all women in the special way.

On March .3rd, friends and colleagues from Supmea met with each other online and held a wonderful online singing competition to welcome the 110th Woman's Day.


According to the choice of the contestants, they were divided into two groups, competition group and fun group. There were 30 contestants participated in the competition group 

The audience are impressed by the song of  “south of the southern mountain” from Jia Zhu and “there are no difference” from Marina, and they are honored as the King and the Queen of the singers of Supmea

Voice of supmea

The shining trophy of the King/Queen of the singer of Supmea

And of course, Supmea had also prepared the fabulous gifts for all the winners.

Linjie Chen, Dainan Shu, Shan Li and more than 10 singers has performed the song which made them famous in Supmea. “Supmea top ten singers” deserves their names. 

Between the competition, there were also very various exciting interactive games, such as “listen to the tongue and say its’ name”, “Lyrics Solitaire” etc. All members participated in answering the questions and it was full of fun

Fun group

Exciting and entertaining!  The singers in the fun Group are also very competitive, partnership across the country, father and daughter and other contestants brought tons of happiness to the audience  

Stefan and Kevin

Stefan, who is far away in Hannover, Germany ,with the partner of Kevin, who is in Hangzhou, China, sang “the fox” together


All of the audience gave their applause to the Haojie Xie, Xue Wei, Na Li when they were singing “Ji Xiang San Bao”

Mr Dong

Jiong Dong also won the title of “the singing star” by a song named “a decade”, which is originally sung by Eason Chan


The chairman of Supmea Mr. Cheng Ding also gave his best wishes to the beautiful ladies in Supmea by a wonderful song. 

“This is a warm and impressive night, as a lady I’ve not only received a lot of blessing from others but also some exclusive gifts from Supmea online.For every important days Supmea is always with us” said Jing Wang from HR at the end of the singing competition.

Passing the appreciation  through music,

Greeting the spring with songs

Thanks for all of the beautiful ladies for their hard work in Supmea. In this special woman’s day in 2020, we give our great respect to those women who walk towards to the front line of fighting the COVID-19 all around the world.


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