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Supmea held the 2017 annual award ceremony!
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January 27, 2018 9:00 am, Supmea Automation 2017 annual ceremony was held in Hangzhou headquarters. All employees from Supmea China headquarters and branches came together wearing the cashmere scarf to represent the celebration and greet the annual ceremony together.


Mr. Ding, the chairman of Supmea, first delivered a speech. He reviewed the rapid breakthrough made by the company in the fields of business size, R & D and manufacturing in the past year and also was grateful for the great opportunities the era gave us. Supmea's growth is inseparable from the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers, employees’ compensation and the strong support of partners.

                the chairman of Supmea

2018 is a special year, which is the twelfth year of the company’s experience which means the beginning of a new cycle.

In his speech, Supmea Chief Executive Officer Mr. Fan mentioned that the company had made great progress in informatization and management in the past year. In the future, the company will continue to focus on process automation and continuously strive toward the goal of becoming the best automation company in China.

                Supmea CEO

At the annual ceremony, Mr. Ding presented awards to 18 outstanding employee representatives from various departments and praised them for their outstanding achievements in their positions during the past year.


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