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New ISO standard to reduce gas turbine procurement cost
2013-08-03 16:27:00 share:

New ISO standard to reduce gas turbine procurement cost

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), energy demand could grow by 37% through 2040

A highly efficient site-built power plant gas turbine is capable of powering 400 000 homes with electricity in 30 minutes. However, a power plant gas turbine requires complex administrative negotiations between a purchaser and a contractor when negotiating a purchase.

A new ISO procurement standard, ISO 19859:2016, Gas turbine applications –Requirements for power generation, will provide both parties with minimum technical requirements and management of the information exchange between them for the procurement of gas turbine engines that are intended for power generation applications.

This procurement standard for gas turbines is a set of specifications including performance, reliability, lifetime, operational envelope, maintainability, quality assurance, project management, documentation, installation and commissioning.

Negotiating a site-built power plant gas turbine engine purchase agreement is challenging and this procurement standard will give both purchasers and suppliers a pre-agreed definition of functional specifications, management of interfaces and, crucially, a pre-agreed management of information supply. The supplier can standardize procurement documents and expect a reduction in the variability of content and quality of tenders supplied by purchasers.

The article was first published in controlglobal

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