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Happy Children's Day!
2020-06-02 10:33:43 share:
There is always a childhood dream which is hidding at the bottom of heart. Still remember your childhood dream? Children's day comes as expected, We collected more than a hundred dreams of our staffs. Some answers surprised us. When we were children, we were imaginative and full of imagination.

There are some examples:


Childhodd dreams:

To be a changeable Martin, who has different looks every day and is swimming in the sea of dreams.

Talk with himself in childhood:

Cherish your childhood, don't always want to grow up.

In more than 100 chilhood dreams,

the top 3 are...

Top 1 


Childhodd dreams:

To be a scientist.

Talk with himself in childhood:

Still on the way.

Top 2

Cai cai

Childhodd dreams:

To be a doctor.

Talk with himself in childhood:

Be optimistic about everything and treat life with a postive attitude.

Top 3


Childhodd dreams:

To be a teacher.

Talk with himself in childhood:

Read more books and play less.

A lot of friends when they were little 

have already set ambitious goals.

No if

Childhodd dreams:

To be the people who controls the country.

Talk with himself in childhood:

To be a person with goal.


Childhodd dreams:

To be an officer. 

After major English in university: to be a interpreter.

Talk with himself in childhood:

Be sure to stick to your dreams.


Childhodd dreams:

Conquer the world.

Talk with himself in childhood:

Experienced a lot but still keep the original mind.

May be you  wanted to be a scientist,

maye you wanted to go out and defend your country,

even if none of these childhood dreams came true,

but you can still stay positive.

On children's day,

Supmea presented three gifts to staffs:

1. Half-day holiday: employees who have children  have a half-day holiday to accompany the children at home to spend a meaningful children's day!(the company will also provide benefits such as parental and children's insurance for employees.)

2. Thousand yuan children's day gift package: the company has distributed exquisite prizes and thousand yuan Koi-fish gift package to those who participated in the childhood dream collection

3.Happy typical child drink: full of childhood memories

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