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SUP-R6000C Paperless recorder
  • SUP-R6000C Paperless recorder
  • SUP-R6000C Paperless recorder
  • SUP-R6000C Paperless recorder
  • SUP-R6000C Paperless recorder
  • SUP-R6000C Paperless recorder
  • SUP-R6000C Paperless recorder
SUP-R6000C Paperless recorder
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Applications: SUP-R6000C Color paperless recorder with fixed point/program segment adopts the control algorithm of differential in advance. The proportional band P, integral time I and derivative time D are mutually independent of each another without affecting each other when being adjusted. The system overshoot can be controlled with strong anti-jamming capability.
  Product  Paperless recorder
  Model SUP-R6000C
  Display 7 inch TFT display screen
  Input Up to 48 channels of universal input
  Relay output 1A/250VAC, Max 18 channels
  Communication RS485, Modbus-RTU
  Internal memory 64 Mbytes Flash
  Power supply AC85~264V,50/60Hz; DC12~36V

  Outer dimensions


  DIN panel cutout




SUP-R6000C paperless recorder is equipped with 24-channel universal input (able to input by means of configuration: standard voltage, standard current, thermocouple, thermal resistance, frequency, millivolt, etc.). It can be equipped with 8-loop control and 18-channel alarm output or 12-channel  analog output, RS232/485 communication interface, Ethernet interface, mini-printer interface, USB interface and SD card socket; it can provide sensor distribution; it owns powerful display function, real-time curve display, real-time control display historical curve retrospection, bar graph display, alarm status display, etc.

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