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E+H CPS31-1AC2GSA pH sensor
  • E+H CPS31-1AC2GSA pH sensor
  • E+H CPS31-1AC2GSA pH sensor
  • E+H CPS31-1AC2GSA pH sensor
  • E+H CPS31-1AC2GSA pH sensor
  • E+H CPS31-1AC2GSA pH sensor
E+H CPS31-1AC2GSA pH sensor
Category: pH/ORP sensor
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Applications: Glass pH sensor used in PH measurement is also called primary cell. The primary battery is a system whose function is to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The voltage of this battery is called electromotive force (EMF). This electromotive force (EMF) consists of two half-cells.

Measuring PrincipleGlass electrode

Drinking wate, pH compensation to 

measure free chlorine

CharacteristicStandard applications in water, long lifetime
Measurement rangepH 1 - 12
Measuring principle

Gel filled reference with one or 

three diaphragms, option saltring

DesignShaft length 120 mm, with or w/o temperature sensor
MaterialGlass / Ceramics
DimensionShaft length 120 mm
Process temperature0 - 80 C (32 - 176 F)
Process pressure1 - 4 bar abs (15 - 60 psi)
temperature sensorPt 100
Ex certificationNo


    E+H CPS31-1AC2GSA pH sensor is the analog expert for pH compensation in disinfection processes. Its three diaphragms make it suitable for minimum conductivity while its low drift guarantees stable measurement. The sensor makes sure that swimming pool water is agreeable and drinking water tasteful.


  • • Reliable measurement at minimum conductivity thanks to three diaphragms

  • • Low drift by very low level of ion depletion in electrolyte

  • • Optional salt ring for extended operating time

  • Application

  • • Drinking water

  • • Swimming pool water

  • • pH compensation for free chlorine measurement

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