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SUP-C703S Signal generator
  • SUP-C703S Signal generator
  • SUP-C703S Signal generator
  • SUP-C703S Signal generator
SUP-C703S Signal generator
Category: Signal calibrator
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Applications: SUP-C703S Signal generator has a multiple signal Output and measurement including voltage, current and thermoelectric couple with LCD screen and silicone keypad, simple operation, longer standby time, higher accuracy and programmable output. It's widely used in LAB Industrial field, PLC Process Instrument, Electric value and other area's debugging.

 Product  Signal generator
 Model  SUP-C703S
 Operating temperature and humidity  -10~55℃, 20~80% RH

 Storage temperature

 Size  115x71x30(mm)
 Weight  143g
 Power  4*AAA batteries or external 5 V/1A adapter
 Power dissipation  About 200 mA; with power supplied by 4*AAA batte ries ( each nominal capacity of 1100 mAh ), can be used for 4 hours with a full load and 17 hours standing by.
 OCP  30V


  signal genrator


· Sources and reads mA, mV, V, Ω, RTD and TC

· Keypad to enter output parameters directly

· Concurrent input / output, convenient to operate

· Sub display of sources and reads (mA, mV, V)

· Large 2-line LCD with backlight display

· 24 VDC loop power supply

· Thermocouple measurement / output with automatic or manual cold junction compensation

· Corresponds to various types of source pattern (Step sweep / Linear sweep / Manual step)

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