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SPE-pH300 pH/ORP controller
Category: pH/ORP controller
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Applications: SPE-pH300 industrial pH meter controller is an online analyzer which applied in chemical industry metallurgy, environment protection, food, agricultrue and so on. With RS-485 can connect with computer to get data and recorder.

SPE-pH300 Online pH/ORP controller

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  Product Name:  Industry online pH/ORP controller
  Band:  Supmea
  Measure range:  0-14 (pH), ±0.02pH

  -1000~1000mv (ORP), ±1mv

  Others can be customized
  Resolution:  0.01pH,1mv
  Stability:  ≤0.02pH/24H,≤3mv/24H
  Input Resistance:  ≥10~12Ω
  Temperature range:  0~100℃, NTC10K
  Temp Compensation:  Manual / Auto temperature compensation
  Communication:  RS485, standard Modbus
  Signal output:  4-20mA output, Maximum loop 750Ω, 0.01%FS
  Power supply:  220V±1%,50Hz
  Relay out:  250VAC, 3A

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          Freely contact us: info@supmea.com     kevinhuang@supmea.com(Skype)       

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