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SPE-7100 Intelligent Signal isolator for Temperature
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Applications: Intelligent Temperature Transmitter utilized in automated control systems is a kind of instrument for transformation & distribution, isolation, transmission, operation of a variety of industrial signal, it can also be used with all kinds of industrial sensor to retrieve parameters of signals, isolation, transformation and transmission for remote monitoring local data collection.

SPE-7100 Series temperature signal  isolate

Temperature Transmitter isolate the resistance temperature detector (RTD) or thermocouple (TC) signals on-site, amplify them, and convert them into temperature linear DC signals, and export to the control system, and when used as a TC temperature transmitter, it has automatic cold junction temperature compensation function. It can change parameters with a supporting PC software. It can be used together with modular instrumentation and DCS, PLC and other systems, to offer signal isolation, signal conversion, signal distribution, signal processing and other functions to field instrument, thereby enhancing the immunity of automatic control system in the industrial production process, and ensuring system stability and reliability. This product has many varieties, such as 1 in/1 out, 1 in/2 out, 2 in/2 out, with input/output magnetic isolation.


* Single-channel/Dual-channels

* TC, RTD, mV signals input
* Analog signals output
* Excellent isolation between power, inputs and outputs
* Transmission accuracy 0.2%±1 (20°C)

* Modularization, compacted and low-power- consumption
* Full intelligent, digital and programmable
* Hot-swappable terminals, easy for installation and maintenances
* Standard 35mm DIN for installation    



Input signal

2-wire/3-wire RTD, TC (Signal type and measuring range can be programmed via supporting PC software)


Output signal


Output load

4-20mA, 0-0mA, 0-20mA load resistance RL≤400Ω;

0-5V, 1-5V load resistance RL≥250KΩ

Power supply

Power supply


Power consumption

1 in/1 out: ≤1W;

1 in/2 out, 2 in/2 out: ≤1.4W

Other parameters

Insulation resistance (between input / output / power supply)

≥100MΩ (500VDC)

Dielectric strength (between input / output / power supply)

1500Vrms (1 min, no spark)

Operating temperature

-10~50 °C (no condensation, no freezing)

Relative humidity


Storage temperature

-10~60 °C (no condensation, no freezing)

Temperature drift


Mounting style

35mmDIN rail mounting


13*108*121.2mm (W * H * D)

Transmission accuracy (20 °C)


Minimum resolution


Internal cold junction compensation temperature range


Cold junction compensation accuracy


Response time

50ms to reach 90% of the final value

Disconnection output

The user can configure through the PC software, and the disconnection output is optional between hold, maximum, and minimum

Hold: When the signal is disconnected or over range, the output will hold on as the output before the disconnection

Maximum: When the signal is disconnected or over range, the output will be default 20.80mA

Minimum: When the signal is disconnected or over range, the output will be default 3.00mA


Approximately 130 g

Electromagnetic compatibility

In line with GB / T18268 industrial equipment application requirements (IEC 61326-1)

Field devices applicable

2-wire/3-wire RTD , TC sensor

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