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SPE-PID300 PID with intelligent fuzzy logic technology
Category: PID controller
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Applications: SPE-PID300 series intelligent fuzzy PID is with intelligent formula and self-tuning function function . according to the characteristics of the controlled medium, automatically find the optimal parameters to achieve the exact control effect, without manual tuning parameters. The Temperature control accuracy is about 0.1 degrees Celsius. It can be used with various types of sensors, transmitter for the measurement of temperature, pressure, liquid level, capacity, capacity etc. with a variety of actuator , it can be used for electric heating equipment or electromagnetic valve etc for PID regulation and control, alarm control and data acquisition functions,which is suitable for industrial furnace, electric furnace, oven. Test equipment, shoe-making machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, printing machinery and so on.

      *  LED display with light beam analog indication (0-100%)
       * Up to 36 types of signal input available and selectable,  with measurement accuracy 0.2%
       * With "upper and lower alarm", "deviation alarm", "LBA alarm", "alarm flashes" etc, with alarm LED indication      

        *One PID control output and one analog output are available

       * PID control modes :

         current, voltage, SSR drive, single/three-phase silicon controlled rectifier zero passage triggering, relay contact etc
       * PID parameters self-tuning, switch mode for manual/automatic output       

       * RS485 and RS232 communication is optional , with standard MODBUS RTUcommunication protocol adopted
       * RS232C printing is available for manual printing, timed printing, or alarm printing etc
       * DC24V  power distribution output is available      

       * Photoelectric isolation technology  between input, output, power and communication       

       * Multiple sizes and styles are optional       

       * Permanent storation for parameters setting even power-off

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